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Supporting organisations to support mental health

Tailored training, consultancy and ad hoc support

Managing distress

Plinth House is a training and consultancy company which started in the higher education sector, but now works with a range of different sectors - including the healthcare sector, schools, colleges, businesses, and other parts of the public and voluntary sectors. 


One of our main services is delivering mental health training.  Our training is different to generic mental health awareness training, which you might have come across in the past, which tends to focus on the signs and symptoms of mental health issues.  Instead, we focus on equipping participants with practical skills to manage real life situations when a person – perhaps a customer, student, patient or pupil – is in front of them in a distressed state.  


We can also deliver clinical supervision or ongoing team support, or work with your teams to re-model or review your services, policies or processes.

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We offer training, briefings, and 'away day' facilitation - focusing on student services management, welfare incident management, mental health awareness, and the management of clinical risk and safeguarding issues.  Our training is always practical in its approach and based on an understanding of current best practice in the sector.


We will tailor our training to suit your team – whether you are looking for a one-off training session or ongoing support and development.


We can work with you and your team to review protocols and policies, and team structures. 


The key when bringing in external support – whether for a short-term or longer-term piece of work – is relevant sector experience.


We have managed mental health services and other support services ourselves and fully understand the pressures and opportunities that face services. 

Coaching and supervision

We provide one-to-one coaching, clinical supervision and mentoring, in person and by Skype, to managers and practitioners. 

We also facilitate practitioner 'peer support groups' for frontline and client-facing teams.  These groups enable teams to reflect on their experiences, enhance their skills in relation to supporting distressed people, and reduce staff ‘burn out’.

Ad hoc support

Our consultancy work does not have to be long-term.  It’s not all large-scale projects and service reviews.  We can support you and your team by taking on smaller pieces of work too – those things not making it to the top of your ‘to do’ list. 


Whether it is drafting recruitment materials, preparing a business case, reviewing a policy, or refreshing your service's marketing materials, we are here to help.

Our experience

As our lead on our mental health work, Julie Rea has twenty years' experience in delivering and managing mental health support services in higher education and the NHS.  The focus of Julie’s work is on promoting mental health awareness, helping people to maintain appropriate boundaries and feel confident in responding to the distress of others. 


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Contact us

If you would like to have an initial telephone conversation about the kind of support that would be useful to you and your organisation, we look forward to hearing from you.  Our email address and telephone number are shown below, or use this contact form.  You are welcome to suggest times which would be suitable for a callback.

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