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Our bespoke webinars and online training sessions can be tailored to engage a small group of people – for example, a virtual 'away day' for a management team – or much larger numbers of attendees, up to 500 people. 


Whether it lasts 60 minutes or a full day, our online training events are designed to be as practical and as interactive as the face-to-face training we are known for.

We can tailor bespoke live online webinars on a wide range of student support topics, including:

  • managing distressed students

  • experiencing and managing change in higher education

  • managing serious student incidents

  • looking after yourself/stress management

  • coaching skills - for using with students and/or staff

  • common mental health conditions and their impact on study


These webinars can be opened up to registrations from a particular list of invitees that you provide, or they can be left more open – for example, to enable anyone from your university to attend.  The latter model provides an excellent way of engaging large, diverse groups of people, such as personal tutors, across your university.


At Plinth House, we have invested in a software solution (GoToWebinar) to support our delivery of high-quality webinars.  This enables us to give your team access to our online training without your organisation incurring the expense of purchasing your own licence.  Attendees receive a registration link to sign up for the webinar, and reminder emails to maximise attendance.

We can also deliver webinars and online training using your organisation's own system, if you already have one that you prefer.

As well as skills-based webinars and virtual 'away day' events, our expertise in student mental health issues also means we can facilitate online peer sessions.  These peer sessions enable student-facing colleagues, particularly those who regularly support distressed students, to share and reflect on ways to support distressed students in a way which is boundaried and role-appropriate.  These sessions are particularly useful for colleagues in personal tutor roles, frontline enquiry services, university security teams and other specialist student support roles, such as disabilities advisers. 


Following any webinar that we deliver, we provide a detailed feedback report about attendees’ engagement levels and feedback.

If you would like us to keep in touch with you occasionally – around once a month – about our training events, webinars and other services, provide your email address here.  

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