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Fitness to Study: What does it mean? How do we get it right?

Having in place a clear, effective Fitness to Study policy has never been more important for a higher education institution (HEI). As complex and high-risk student cases and serious student incidents become more common across the sector, HEIs need to be able to respond confidently, with different levels of intervention. This is where our Fitness to Study policies and processes come in.


Fitness to Study Policies may not always go by this name; they may given a wide range of other names, such as “Support to Study Policy” or “Complex Case Escalation Process”.  However, we are using the term 'Fitness to Study' as the term which seems to be the most commonly understood term across the sector.


We've created a short 10 minute video to introduce what we mean by Fitness to Study, and how we can get it right:

Building on our training and consultancy work in the area of Fitness to Study with HEIs, we created a new ‘Community of Practice’ group specifically aimed at those colleagues in HEI with a lead responsibility for managing or reviewing Fitness to Study procedures. 

This ‘Community of Practice’ group launches in April 2024 and runs through to July:

The group will:

  • Be open only to a small group of people with around 15 participants from different HEIs

  • Meet remotely/online, so it is accessible to everyone, wherever they are based

  • Record its main meetings/events (for group member use only) so that anyone on leave can catch up on what they have missed

  • Begin with an initial online half-day training event, providing an overview of Fitness to Study issues and giving participants a chance to say where their own institution is currently at with Fitness to Study

  • Follow this with 5 x facilitated online 90-minute discussions, each focused on a different aspect of Fitness to Study.

  • Include a further one-to-one discussion with a consultant from Plinth House to discuss your own institution’s approach to FtS in more detail


Bookings for our Fitness to Study community of practice group close at midday on Tuesday 16th April

If you have any queries about this Fitness to Study Community of Practice group in the meantime, you are very welcome to email us at


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