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Mental Health First Aid and higher education: why does it so often fail to hit the spot in universities?

We have been listening, over recent years, to colleagues in universities telling us about their experiences of attending, or rolling out, Mental Health First Aid training.


While we know some colleagues in higher education find it interesting to spend time attending a Mental Health First Aid course and hearing about the signs and symptoms of different mental health conditions, the feedback we often hear is that the training can fail to reflect the context of higher education and that it can, too often, blur the boundaries of our role.


We have produced a short three-minute describing why, in most university settings, we believe a half-day Managing Distressed Students course – which has been designed by, and for, people working in higher education – is a more effective and more role-appropriate alternative to a longer Mental Health First Aid course.

We would love to hear your thoughts.  What experience have you had with training on these issues in higher education?  You can join in the conversation with us on LinkedIn.


Visit our Managing Distressed Students webpage to find out about the three different ways in which you can attend or arrange this training course, for you or for your team or university.


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