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Podcast production: Swansea University

Looking for a new approach to training its student-facing staff, including personal tutors, academic mentors and professional services staff, Swansea University commissioned a series of 30-40 minute podcasts to be produced by Plinth House in March 2019.

We worked with a professional recording studio and a sound engineer in the North East to produce podcasts on a wide range of student support topics, including “Using coaching skills with students”, “Active listening skills”, “Responding to a distressed student”, and “Engaging with change”.

Here are a couple of short clips from two of the podcasts. The first (from a podcast about looking after ourselves and managing stress) shows how each podcast is introduced. The second (from a podcast on managing distressed students) gives a feel for the conversational style of these podcasts.

We also produced an accompanying PDF handout for each podcast, reinforcing key messages and providing additional resources.

Here are some sample pages from the handout that accompanies the podcast on "Using coaching skills when working with students".


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