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Webinar training: Association of University Administrators (AUA)

To support the professional development of its members, the AUA asked us to deliver a 60-minute webinar on "Looking after yourself: Managing stress and preventing burnout".

230 participants from the majority of the UK’s universities attended the webinar, which focused on practical ways for people to look after themselves and manage their stress levels.

In the post-webinar survey:

  • 98.8% of participants surveyed afterwards agreed or strongly agreed that they found the session engaging.

  • The same proportion (98.8%) also agreed or strongly agreed that the session was relevant to them and their role.

  • 99.4% agreed or strongly agreed that the presenters were effective.

  • 86% said that they felt that the length of the session was ‘about right’, with most of the remaining respondents (13%) saying they would have liked the session to be longer.

Here is a quote from one attendee:

"The webinar was genuinely the best online training I have ever experienced, and I’m so grateful to yourselves and the AUA for putting it together. You’ve made a big difference to me, thank you."

To give you a flavour of how these live webinars appear from an attendee perspective, here is a video clip from a different pilot training event we devised for the AUA, this time on managing distressed students.

Our online training is designed to be as practical and interactive as the face-to-face training we are known for - whether the event lasts 60 minutes or a full day.

If you are looking for a way to engage staff in live online training, we can discuss how we can tailor a bespoke course that meets your needs on a wide range of student support topics.


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