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Training Snippet
Making the first phone call to a family following a student death

From our one-day training course, Coordinating Actions and Providing Support Following a Student Death, this 15-minute Training Snippet video and accompanying Practical One-Pager provide practical advice for anyone in a university tasked with making the first phone call to a family following a student death.

We welcome your feedback on this free training snippet and accompanying one-pager. Our quick survey only takes a minute to complete.

Document image - Practical One-Pager - First Phone Call.png

Related resources:  On 6th September 2023, we held a Policy Pitstop event to discuss the national guidance and steer emerging on universities carrying out serious incident reviews following a student death.  We have published two articles following the event - one containing a video of our introductory 30-minute presentation and the other summarising comments made by participants from across the sector during the event.

Looking for training or further support?

At Plinth House, we can:

  • Review or redraft your HEI’s protocol/policy on responding to a student death, with appropriate consultation with key stakeholders

  • Deliver practical training to staff who are involved in coordinating or implementing your institution’s response to a student death – such as our one-day course on Coordinating Actions and Providing Support Following a Student Death

  • Facilitate online or in-person workshops with staff who have key roles, such as family liaison, to review and enhance current practice

  • Carry out a serious incident review/lessons learned review on behalf of your institution following a student suicide or other serious incident

You are very welcome to contact us to discuss how we might be able to help you or your team. Further information on our consultancy and training services is also available.

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