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Ready-to-run training

The easiest way to book live online delivery of our flagship training sessions.


Our portfolio of ready-to-run online training sessions deliver awareness and skills development on a range of topics all designed for the higher education context.

How it works

  1. Find a session below that you want to run for your cohort, and review its details.

  2. Select a date and time that works for you and your organisation in the session's calendar.

  3. Pay by debit/credit card, or request an invoice.

  4. We'll contact you to agree and confirm your selected delivery time, and provide the details of your session and a Microsoft Teams link for your attendees.

  5. We'll deliver the session live and online. After the session, you receive a report of the feedback from your participants and a copy of the course materials to share with those who attended.

Managing Distressed Students - Event Image for TicketTailor.jpg

Managing Distressed Students

Ready-to-run live online half-day session, at a time convenient to your team

When faced with a distressed student, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or take on too much. This half-day online course is relevant for teams and cohorts who work with students. It will help them feel confident about responding to a distressed student in a boundaried, role-appropriate and effective way.

£995 + VAT

For up to 25 participants

Practical coaching skills - hero image - v2.jpg

Practical coaching skills for fostering students' self-reliance and independence

Ready-to-run live online 2-hour session, at a time convenient to your team

We know, from our own experience, that it is more empowering if we can do things for ourselves. Your team can help a student to rely on their own resources to solve a particular problem or address a particular issue, rather than us just swooping in and solving things for the student. This practical 2-hour online session will explore ways in which we can help students do things for themselves and rely less on us and more on themselves – a really important life skill.

£895 + VAT

For up to 25 participants

Hero image - Looking After Yourself.jpg

Looking after yourself

Ready-to-run live online 2.5 hour session, at a time convenient to your team

In our busy roles in higher education, it is important for us to take some time to reflect on how we look after our own wellbeing. How can we think through the different things that are causing us stress? How can we leave work at work, and switch off when we get home?


This 2.5 hour ready-to-run training session shares practical ways in which we can look after ourselves, both in the moment and longer term.

£950 + VAT

For up to 25 participants

Following a student death - Hero Image.jpg

Coordinating actions and providing support following a student death

Ready-to-run live online half-day session, at a time convenient to your team

All universities need to have clear procedures in place for responding to the death of a student. This half-day online course explores the key aspects of a university’s response to a student death – from how we can best support students during the first few hours following a death through to how we provide longer-term support for everyone who needs it.

£995 + VAT

For up to 25 participants

Balancing compassion - hero image.jpg

Balancing compassion with boundaries when working with students: a session for academic colleagues

Ready-to-run live online 2.5 hour session, at a time convenient to your cohort

One-to-one interactions with students may sometimes be challenging - such as talking about academic performance or delivering bad news, or where a student is frustrated or not engaging. This session explores how we can show compassion in these interactions while maintaining appropriate boundaries.

£950 + VAT

For up to 25 participants

If you would like us to keep in touch with you occasionally about our training events, webinars and other services, provide your email address here.  

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