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Starting the year on your best footing: our 'Looking after yourself' Practice Pitstop event

Levi Pay, director and principal consultant, shares details of the recent Pitstop event focusing on four approaches for higher education colleagues to looking after ourselves.

Supporting you

In January and February 2024, we held free Practice Pitstop events called 'Looking after yourself', in which we explored four different and complementary approaches to looking after ourselves and our own wellbeing.  The approaches are:

1️⃣ Analysing – stepping back and considering our sources of stress

2️⃣ Connecting – grounding yourself in the moment

3️⃣ ‘Boundarying’ – ensuring that work and workloads are appropriately contained

4️⃣ Investing – understanding and embracing the value of work

The full session which ran as a LinkedIn Live Event in February is now available to watch on-demand on LinkedIn:

Below you can view a short clip from the January session:

Colleagues from over 70 different higher education signed up to attend the event, and the feedback was very positive: 

  • "A really helpful "pit stop" in my day. Levi was very engaging and clearly passionate about the topic."

  • "It was packed into an hour but done well and easy to follow. It had lots of things to take away and share with others."

  •  "Thank you, I think it's great that you offer these free, and it was actually nice to see people from other universities."

  • "Thank you so much for today's session Levi.  It really spoke to me and I will be implementing many of your ideas into my work and personal life."

The content in this free one-hour session comes from our longer 2½-hour session on “Looking after yourself” which anyone can book, at a time that works for you and your team, as one of our ready-to-run training sessions.

Supporting you to support your students and colleagues

In the Pitstop session, we were also drawing from our other training sessions which are focused on working with students.  It is vital, when we are working in busy student-facing roles – particularly when students who are distressed or who have complex support needs – to look after our own wellbeing in these interactions.  Also, many of the tools and techniques we have for looking after our own wellbeing can be put to very good use when working with students to help students to draw on their own resources and manage their own stress levels. 

If you are interested in finding out about our courses related to working with students, take a look at our forthcoming ticketed events:

All of these courses can also be delivered at a time that works for you with our Ready-to-Run Training


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