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Strategy development: King's College London

As part of an interim management role at King's, Levi led an institution-wide strategy for Student Mental Health and Wellbeing across the institution.

Levi chaired a university-wide working group and led the production of a detailed strategy and action plan, which was published in 2019 to coincide with University Mental Health Day.

A new '5 levels' model was developed to classify and communicate the different types of mental health and wellbeing support available to students at King's. These range from interventions that are relevant to all students, such as campaigns to promote self-care and self-regulation, through to the very specialist internal and external mental health support services, which are on hand for those students who require them.

The action plan sets out how the University will further enhance its support provision, particularly at the lower and higher levels of the risk spectrum, how mental health issues will inform the future of personal tutoring at King’s, and how new types of provision, including digital provision and support from mental health nurses and social workers will significantly enhance the university’s management of clinical risk.


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