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Ready-To-Run Training: a new easy way to book our live online training delivery

We’re excited to launch our brand new ready-to-run training sessions - making it easier to support you and your teams on the challenging topics faced by the higher education sector.

Our ready-to-run live online sessions make it easy to roll out training within a team or service, especially to those working remotely or on shift patterns.

How it works

  1. Find a session you want to run for your cohort,

  2. Place your order and pay via debit / credit card or request an invoice,

  3. We’ll contact you to agree a delivery time that suits you,

  4. We’ll send the details of your session and the link for you to provide to your attendees,

  5. After the session, you will receive a report of the feedback from your participants and a copy of the course materials to share with those who attended.

Our portfolio

Our portfolio of training services deliver awareness and skills development on a range of topics all designed for the higher education context. Sessions are delivered live and online, for up to 25 participants.

Sessions include:

  • Managing Distressed Students - When faced with a distressed student, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or take on too much. This half-day online course is relevant for teams and cohorts who work with students. It will help them feel confident about responding to a distressed student in a boundaried, role-appropriate and effective way.

  • The S-Word: How to respond when a student mentions suicide - While it is rare for teams, in their work with students, to encounter a student who talks about feeling suicidal, this can happen, and it is really useful to know what to do and how to respond in these rare situations. This is a practical 2-hour online session which explores these issues and helps you feel more confident about having these interactions, should the need arise.

  • Self-harm - understanding and responding to self-harm when working with students - What is self-harm? Why do people self-harm? If your team member knows or suspects that a student is self-harming, what might the best way be for them to respond? This 2-hour online session explores the nature of self-harm, how team members can respond and how they can best talk to, and support, a student who indicates that they engage in self-harm

  • Practical coaching skills when working with students - We know, from our own experience, that it is more empowering if we can do things for ourselves. Your team can help a student to rely on their own resources to solve a particular problem or address a particular issue, rather than us just swooping in and solving things for the student. This practical 2-hour online session will explore ways in which we can help students do things for themselves and rely less on us and more on themselves – a really important life skill.

Sessions start from £750 + VAT for up to 25 participants. If you have any questions before you order, feel free to contact us.


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